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If you have already had a data breach, contact us at Data.Breach[at] for immediate assistance from one of our data breach rapid response specialists for a free consultation and evaluation of your needs and options. Time is a critical factor in the cost and success of your response and we can help you make smart, cost-effective decisions.

The true cost of a data breach is the lost trust by consumers, the damage to your reputation and the risk of litigation. MyProfyle can help you navigate these critical decisions, advise you on a communication strategy, provide you with the best value in identity theft protection solutions, and help you track and monitor the results. We will help you weather this storm.

Protect Your Employees and Customers

One in four organizations will experience a data breach in the next 24 months. Eventually, your organization can expect to have a data breach. How you plan for and respond to your data breach will have a major impact on your organization’s future.

By providing MyProfyle identity protection before a data breach occurs you not only have a major part of your response plan in place but you take advantage of several benefits:

    Why You Should Protect Consumers Before a Data Breach
  1. Tell those affected they are already protected since you were protecting them before the data breach unlike other organizations that notify consumers and provide benefits months or years after the damage is done.
  2. Lower your response costs since you no longer feel pressure to provide expensive and ineffective credit monitoring benefits to those affected
  3. Decrease the chance of class action lawsuits by decreasing the risk and damage to those affected.
  4. Decrease defections and reputation damage caused by consumers who feel you harmed them and did not protect their data
  5. Decrease cost compared with buying identity protection solutions after a data breach has occurred.
True Cost of a Data Breach

The social and economic costs of a data breach are significant. So is the impact on the careers of the leadership team. Preventing, waiting for and reacting to data breaches used to be the only option. MyProfyle has a better option.

A data breach can be a devastating event for an organization and the affected people. Responding to the average data breach can cost over $7 million1. In healthcare, financial, service and some other industries the cost can be much higher. Yet those numbers don’t capture the intangible cost to an organization’s reputation, goodwill and customer loyalty.

    Data Breach Impact
  • 1 in 4: Chance you’ll have a data breach in the next 24 months
  • 257 days: Average days to identify and contain a data breach
  • $3.6 Million: Average cost of a data breach
  • $4.1 Million: Average cost of lost business
  • $141: Average cost per record stolen
  • $2: Average cost per person for identity protection
Data Theft is a Business

Accidental data loss is not the most serious problem. Hackers and criminal insiders cause most data breaches and there is a limit to what can be done to prevent these determined individuals. New business processes like BYOD and cloud computing compound the risk. Experts tell us that in many countries, data theft is a business. Hackers go to an office and work 9 to 5 for a company founded solely to steal data. You cannot outwit all the hackers, all the time.

  • Causes of US data breaches:
  • 52% - Malicious or criminal attack
  • 24% - Technical and business process failures
  • 24% - Negligent employees and contractors
1 2016 Data Breach Study by the Ponemon Institute and IBM

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