Provide MyProfyle To Your Customers

MyProfyle works with organizations that want to provide identity theft protection to their consumers. Sponsorship programs have the following features that distinguish them from other types of Partners.

Sponsor-paid. Control Your ID solutions must be purchased by the sponsoring partner on behalf of all eligible members. Organizations that want to steer consumers to us and earn a commission on consumer sales or upgrades should investigate our Affiliate and Partner services.

Free or Bundled. You cannot sell MyProfyle on its own but you can bundle it with your existing paid service, a new bundle of several services from different partners or give it freely to your eligible consumers. We are open to a wide range of market strategies and will work with you to ensure that it makes sense for your business and is affordable.

Eligible Consumer Wholesale Pricing. We offer extremely low wholesale pricing for MyProfyle and base pricing on 100% of the eligible consumers. If your sponsor all your employees or members or bundle it for everyone who makes a purchase, our pricing is based on everyone who can take advantage of MyProfyle not actual enrollment. This protect against self-selection bias and high utilization due to data breach events and in return you get our most affordable pricing.

MyProfyle Branding. Consumers enrolled through sponsors receive the same services as those who enroll on their own. Sponsor Partners may use the MyProfyle brand on their own website

    MyProfyle Sponsor Examples
  • Employer or EAP providing identity protection to all employees and their families
  • Bank or Credit Union providing MyProfyle to all its members or a subset (checking account holders, those enrolled in paperless statements, etc.)
  • Home Security company providing this to its home alarm subscribers.
  • Insurance Company seeking to differentiate their P&C products
  • Data Breached organization providing this to those affected

or marketing materials to promote the partnership and we have powerful cross-marketing tools and co-branding options available to our sponsors.

Advantages of Sponsorship Programs

Sponsorship programs allow for heavily discounted rates compared with our retail prices. Sponsors often gift MyProfyle to all eligible consumers, who may be their new or existing customers. Sponsors may integrate their enrollment process with MyProfyle or may simply refer consumers to enroll via the MyProfyle website. Whether offered as a reward to existing customers, as a recruitment or loyalty bonus or as an enhancement to an existing bundle of products or services, Sponsor program enhance the value delivered to consumers for a very low cost. Sponsor programs are also ideal for limited duration situations such as breach response situations where an organization wishes to provide MyProfyle to a specific group of consumers for a fixed length of time. Learn more about our Data Breach solutions here.

Restrictions of Sponsorship Programs

Because MyProfyle cannot be resold on its own, most Sponsors gift it to their customers or bundle it with the Sponsor’s core product or service as a distinguishing feature and value added-benefit compared with competitive offerings. Most programs have minimum subscriber volume requirements although ramp-up periods and volume discounts may be available. Sponsors trust us to control branding and customer communications in exchange for the lowest possible prices and easy of operations. Partners seeking to generate immediate revenue should consider our Affiliate program.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Objectives

MyProfyle is committed to providing superior member benefits and flexible partner strategies to accommodate your budget and your goals. send an email to Sales[at]* to discuss your needs with us and find out how you can we can help you enhance your business while protecting yourself and your consumers from fraud.

*To reduce the amount of spam we receive, we disguise our email addresses by substituting [at] for the @ symbol. Just type in the email address with the @ symbol at it will reach us.


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