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MyProfyle Lowered Our Mortgage Rate

We wanted to refinance our home but the mortgage rates we kept getting quoted were very high. We learned that our credit reports contained fraudulent medical bills that had gone to collections which didn't belong to us. We struggled for months on our own to clean it up and it caused long delays in our loan. We don't want to ever deal with that again so we've signed up with MyProfyle and now our credit is restored, our identities are safe and our mortgage rate is much lower.

8 Bad Credit Cards Stopped in 2 Days by MyProfyle

8 Bad Credit Cards Stopped in 2 Days by MyProfyle MyProfyle told me about 8 fraudulent credit cards and so did a credit file monitoring service. But unlike them, the MyProfyle alters showed that each application matched an apartment I had just moved from and gave me information that helped me stop the bad guys. You let me update my new address and notify everyone that I was a victim of fraud so they would be on high alert. Just like you promised, you stopped the fraud before it could start. Thank you so much!

MyProfyle saved me from mistaken identity!

I've had MyProfyle since a data breach at my husband's job gave us this benefit. MyProfyle let me know that my records were being mixed up with someone with almost the same name as me. When she applied for credit, I would get notified and that's how I discovered that I was being blamed for her bad debts. The credit bureaus didn't catch this but MyProfyle protected me from these mistakes that were hurting my credit.

Thank you MyProfyle for preventing the bad guys from winning!

My wife and I were getting pre-qualified for a mortgage when we learned of fraudulent cell phone accounts opened by criminals that were in collections. My banker recommended MyProfyle so we could find out about new attempts to use my identity before they show up on my credit report and I'm glad we took her advice. Within days, MyProfyle notified us about new threats that we flagged as fraudulent and stopped them from harming my credit score.


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