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MyProfyle offers the identity protection industry’s most flexible partnership structure. We work with you to tailor a partnership program to meet your needs and your target consumers. We pair that with marketing strategies and tools that enable you to promote your program for maximum impact. MyProfyle partners include Sponsors who purchase identity protection for consumers and Affiliates who generate referral revenue from consumer purchases.

In addition to Sponsors and Affiliates, MyProfyle is interested in working with other partners interested in growing their business by delivering our next-generation identity protection and fraud prevention platform. Our revolutionary, proprietary IDveritas™ technology and generous economic model empowers a wide range of business opportunities that have never been possible before MyProfyle. Whether you are a company that wants to sell a premium version of your existing offering by bundling it with MyProfyle, or you have other goals, we are eager to discuss them with you.

Desirable and Affordable

Many companies are seeking new benefits to sell to their existing base of customers or additional services to enhance and differentiate a commodity product or service they offer. These companies should consider the benefits of offering identity protection to their consumers.

First and foremost, you want something that will excite and interest consumers. Identity protection delivers because it is applicable to 100% of your consumers who are equally aware of the problem it addresses. Moreover, with the constant media attention paid to identity theft, data breaches and cybercrime, consumers are reminded every day of the threats posed by Identity Theft and the need for protection is reinforced on a daily basis without any effort or expense by you.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Objectives

MyProfyle is committed to providing superior member benefits and flexible partner strategies to accommodate your budget and your goals. send an email to Sales[at]* to discuss your needs with us and find out how you can we can help you enhance your business while protecting yourself and your consumers from fraud.

*To reduce the amount of spam we receive, we disguise our email addresses by substituting [at] for the @ symbol. Just type in the email address with the @ symbol at it will reach us.


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