MyProfyle offers identity protection solutions for many types of organizations and a wide array of organization objectives. Whether you want to protect your employees, enhance your existing market offering, or uncover new sources of revenue, MyProfyle is the answer.

Other companies may offer identity protection but are they a good fit for your organization? Are they affordable to sponsors, profitable for partners and will choosing them support or tarnish your image? Have your searched the Internet for “Company X” and “Lawsuit”.

You won’t have those problems with MyProfyle. We are based on proprietary technology that’s protected millions of consumers for years. Now we have taken this established fraud prevention technology and created a new service available directly to consumers and organizations for the first time.

Employer & EAP

Identity Protection is unique in the world of employee benefits because it applies to all of yoru employees, is valued by them, is affordable for you and actually pays for itself in recovered productivity. Learn more here.

Co-Brand & Private Label


Profyle supports many types of partners. We have turn-key and custom solutions to suit a wide range of partners including:

  • Affinity Groups: Generate new income while protecting your members.
  • Sponsors: Enhance your core product or service or improve customer acquisition or loyalty by adding identity protection.
  • Affiliates: Promote MyProfyle to your customers using a unique offer code that gives them a discount and gives you a commission.
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Data Breach Response