IDveritas™ Authenticates Consumers

There are many tools that help you evaluate a consumer (credit, criminal, public records, insurance, banking, etc.) but until IDveritas™ there was no effective way to authenticate the identity of a consumer that were accessible to all types of organizations. Many tools will tell you about Joe Smith, but none will tell you if you are dealing with the real Joe Smith or the right Joe Smith.

IDveritas™ is Better and Free

The proprietary IDveritas™ technology is
only available through MyProfyle and
you can use it FOR FREE.

IDvertias™ is not a replacement for a credit report, a criminal background check or any existing solution – it is a unique tool that complements those tools or serves as a better alternative in many cases. It provides the authentication you need but cannot get today. You may not need to review credit worthiness or you may lack permission to access a credit report or criminal history but that is not an issue with IDveritas™.

The Right Solution for Your Organization

IDveritas™ information was provided by the consumer voluntarily for the express purpose of preventing identity fraud and does not come from a third-party data aggregator. You can use IDveritas™ for virtually any legitimate identity authentication purpose including those times when credit reports and other tools are not an option for legal, economic or other reasons. Also, the information coming directly from the consumer contains some information only they know about like a recently lost wallet or involvement in a data breach – information that is a valuable input in your internal risk evaluation.

True person fraud is a threat to many organizations and is much more serious than evaluating credit. IDveritas™ is the solution for all types of organizations from commercial to government entities in all types of industries from credit to banking and from EAP to Healthcare. It is not a replacement for a credit evaluation, a criminal background check or any existing solution – this is a unique solution that complements those tools or provides the identity authentication you need and can only get through MyProfyle.

Beyond being better and more affordable than the outdated tools available before now, IDveritas is applicable to a range of uses that have never been adequately addressed. For example:

  1. Dating or Ride Sharing App
    Are you a service that needs to authenticate members to ensure that you are not introducing your members to criminals who have disguised their identities? If so, you know that existing solutions are expensive and ineffective. Criminals do not register using their real identities and multiple choice “out-of-wallet” verification questions are easily defeated. Use IDveritas™.
  2. Healthcare Provider
    Do you need to make sure that thousands of dollars of treatments are not provided to the false Joe Smith as well as be certain that the real Joe Smith’s medical records are NOT co-mingled with this identity thief? What would happen if the real Joe Smith received a transfusion of the wrong blood-type in the future because of your corrupted medical records? Use IDveritas™.
  3. Government Agency
    Do you provide driver’s licenses, passports or other critical services? Today you have limited access to expensive, ineffective tools and you rely on inadequate forms of identity authentication. A fraudulent credit card account is easy to close but an improperly-issued driver’s license or passport could be used to commit crimes that put lives at risk. Use IDveritas™.

These are just a few examples of the many ways IDveritas™ helps solve identity authentication problems. Contact us today by sending an email to Sales[at]* to discuss your needs with us and find out how you can use IDveritas™ for free to see the benefit for yourself.

*To reduce the amount of spam we receive, we disguise our email addresses by substituting [at] for the @ symbol. Just type in the email address with the @ symbol at it will reach us.


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