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Identity Theft is not only the top financial crime every year, it also ranks as a one of the top financial concerns of consumers. As a financial institution you not only have money at risk due to fraud but you ask consumers to trust you with their livelihoods and their data. When the inevitable fraudulent transaction or data breach strikes the cost in customer defections is enormous. You can mitigate that damage by providing identity protection to your employees, customers and even your prospects.

Applicable to everyone

No matter how careful we are, each of us is susceptible to identity theft. Compared with many niche and specialized services you offer, 100% of consumers benefit from identity protection. Today there a is fierce competition for the customer’s business so how do you set yourself apart from rivals? Providing identity protection is forward-thinking and signals that you are aware of and responsive to their needs and the changing environment they live in. Protecting your customers with MyProfyle shows that you take care of customers not just their money.

Risk Mitigation

Identity theft strikes 15 million people each year or one person every two seconds. It has been this way for over a decade and is getting worse. The world is divided into those people who have been victims and those who will be victims. When customers entrust you with their money and their data, it makes sense for you to protect both. Are you doing everything you can to protect them from data breaches and fraud? Not unless you provide MyProfyle to your customers.

Superior Protection & Affordable Differentiation

Other identity protection programs are inadequate and will disappoint your customers. You may think your legal-aid program covers identity protection but does it include proactive identity monitoring and managed identity recovery or is it a consultation with untrained staff who read a script and provide a do-it-yourself kit for the consumer? Your employees deserve more than a checklist and sheet of phone numbers to call.

The credit monitoring solution you resell is identical to what they can buy from a dozen vendors including the credit bureaus themselves who will sell it to them for less money. Plus, with free credit report and credit score services, the value of paid credit file monitoring has never been lower. Offer a solution that works better, differentiates you from your competitors and is more affordable.

IDveritas™ Protects You

In addition to protecting consumers, MyProfyle offers a solution called IDveritas™ that can protect your organization from losses due to identity fraud. Read the IDveritas™ story here and send an email to Sales[at]* to discuss your needs with us and find out how you can we can help you enhance your business while protecting yourself from fraud.

*To reduce the amount of spam we receive, we disguise our email addresses by substituting [at] for the @ symbol. Just type in the email address with the @ symbol at it will reach us.


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