Ending Identity Fraud

MyProfyle is a new, rapidly growing company looking for energetic, talented people who want to change the world by ending identity fraud a $55 billion annual problem in the United States alone. We are disrupting the identity protection industry and setting fire to the status quo built on 1970-era solutions.

We have a clear strategy but there is no playbook for how our team will get there. If being a trailblazer excites you then you may be interested in joining our team. MyProfyle expects everyone to be a leader and a doer. his is not a place for the leisurely development of perfect theories, pristine slide presentations or to debate regurgitated ideas. You are brilliant, creative, persuasive, take calculated risks and realize that no one is more capable of making your great idea come to life than you.

    Free For Life Identity Protection™ is a Revolution
  • Free For Life Identity Protection™ is a Revolution
  • We will end identity fraud the threatens everyone and costs Organizations and Consumers time and money
  • We are not building a needed tool, not a “cool app”
  • We are solving a $55 billion problem (US)
The Right Fit

There are a great people who would not be happy here. Some people need the stability of doing the same thing every day with no surprises. They depend on a big team with well-defined roles and hierarchies that allows everyone to focus on their precise area of expertise. There is nothing wrong with that but that is not who we are. There are not many experts here because what we are doing has never been done. You have expertise and experience that empower you.

    Grow Fast, Learn, Get Better
  • We want you to have a life away from work
  • We do not care if you are in the office from 9 and 5
  • Today: You are the first person on a new project team
  • In four months: You lead a growing team of great people
  • In six months: You hire the person who will take over for you
  • In ten months: You are running a completely new project
  • In one year: You tell your friend that all these new people you hire seem so much better than you were when you started

We work really hard because you have to if you want to win, but we want you to have a life outside of work. We do not care if you are in the office between 9-to-5 because you always deliver your project on time. No one will ever tell you to put the new coversheet on your outgoing TPS reports here. We could use your help. Send an email to us at Jobs[at]MYProfyle.com* to learn more about our current openings.

*To reduce the amount of spam we receive, we disguise our email addresses by substituting [at] for the @ symbol. Just type in the email address with the @ symbol at it will reach us.

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