Dark Web Confusion

Briefly, let us discuss the Dark Web and why you – surprisingly – should not worry about it. You are familiar with the Internet and the millions of websites you can access like MyProfyle.com. Websites like ours are publically visible because they can be found in an invisible directory accessible by you and your internet security provider.

There are also computer networks that are less visible. These secret, underground websites include forums, chatrooms, peer-to-peer file sharing, social networks, websites and more, often used for criminal activity. This collection is referred to as the Dark Web. Included in the Dark Web are websites where your information is available both freely and for sale.

Data Breaches Expose Us All

As we discuss in our overview of Data Breaches, your information has already been exposed and it is almost certainly available on the Dark Web. There is nothing you can do about it. It cannot be erased, removed or tracked any more than you can un-ring a bell or turn back time. We are sorry to break it to you - we do not like it either.

Dark Web Warnings You Cannot Use

This brings us to the topic of Dark Web “Monitoring” or “Patrolling” and why you should now regard it with a great deal of suspicion. First, let us make the big assumption that the Dark Web can be monitored given how secretive and ever-changing it is. After all, if there were a map of the Dark Web, it really wouldn’t be dark would it?

Next, and more importantly, is the problem of detecting your information on the Dark Web. It may be in a file for sale, but unless you buy all these files, you will never know what is in each of them, so even if you monitor the Dark Web, you cannot know if your information is on it. Finally, what can be done if information matching you is found? There are many problems here, including how to know if the information is yours and how you can respond if it is.

  • How Common is “Brian Mitchell” in the United States?
  • Brian: 1.2 million people with this first name
  • Mitchell: 445 thousand people with this last name
  • Brian Mitchell: 1,639 people named Brian Mitchell
  • B. Mitchell or Brian M.: How many people?
  • Source: www.HowManyOfMe.com

Pretend you are named “Brian Mitchell”. There are literally thousands of people named Brian Mitchell or something similar in the United States alone. If you knew that Brian Mitchell’s information was for sale on the Dark Web, how would you know if it were you or another Brian Mitchell? More importantly, what could you do about it? You do not know who has seen or bought this information and what, if anything, they have done with it. Finally, you cannot remove the information. So what can you do to respond to this potential threat? Nothing.

MyProfyle Is The Solution

As you now understand, what matters with Dark Web threats, just like data breaches, is not knowing if your information is out there – it certainly is – what counts is knowing if your identity is being used, how it is used and in time to stop fraud. Only MyProfyle allow any organization processing an application with anyone’s identity to tell us about it. If the profile matches you, we tell you about it instantly and give you the ability to stop fraud before it stops. Privacy may be dead but long live control.

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