About Us

MyProfyle is a new company run by veteran leadership using proven technology. We have been helping people and organizations combat the identity theft crisis since 2003 and we built much of the technology that supports MyProfyle back in 2011. It is a proven identity protection platform run by an experienced team.

Our team was one of the first to offer identity restoration services in 2003 and while our mission of protecting people from identity theft has not changed, the nature of the threats has and the need for new technology and new solutions could not be more clear.

Back in 2003 the major sources of identity theft were people who had access to your home or office and the personal records inside. The top tips given to people were to shred your paperwork, get a lockable mailbox and shift to paperless bank and credit card statements. None of this is bad advice but today we know that data breaches and cyber threats are far more likely to expose you to risk and in fact, your identity profiles have already been exposed multiple times over.

We invite you to explore our website as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section of our support website which you can access by clicking the HELP button in the upper right corner of this page.