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MyProfyle is a new company run by veteran leadership using proven technology. We have been helping people and organizations combat the identity theft crisis since 2003 and we built the proven technology used by MyProfyle in 2011. It is an established identity protection platform run by an experienced leadership team.

Our team was one of the first to offer identity restoration services in 2003 and while our mission of protecting people from identity theft has not changed, the nature of the threats facing consumers and organizations has. Today the need for new technology and new solutions could not be more obvious.

In 2003 the major sources of identity theft were people who had access to your home or office and your personal records. The top tips were to shred your paperwork, get a locked mailbox and shift to paperless bank and credit card statements. None of this is bad advice but we know that data breaches and cyber threats have already exposed each of our identities many times over and our information is already “out there” for sale and trade in cyberspace.

There is no point in putting a lock on a door that has been taken off its hinges. Today the goal of every consumer must shift from privacy to control. There is nothing you can do to hide your identity but you can still have control over when, how and by whom it is used.

MyProfyle is Free For Life identity control. We invite you to explore our website as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section of our support website which you can access by clicking the HELP button in the upper right corner of this page.


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